Students and professors from the University of Montana learn about how people are dealing with life and livelihoods under dynamic conditions

The People of Vietnam: Nguyễn Nhật Minh

By Paul Willett

I was fortunate enough to have Nguyễn Nhật Minh as my homestay friend. Nguyễn is a 20-year-old computer since major at the University of Can Tho. He enjoys lots of things from American culture, such as movies, music and politics. He also enjoys playing soccer and volleyball with his University friends.

nguye%cc%82%cc%83n-2The few days I spent with Nguyễn where jam-packed with different and thrilling activities. He taught me a ton about the night life in Can Tho. The two nights I spent with him involved playing pool, exploring the busy lit up streets as the lunar new year approaches, going to the mall and setting new high scores in the arcade, eating cheap and delicious street foods, catching quick cabs, and ending nights on various hotel rooftops scattered throughout the city.

Nguyễn says he only showed Max and me a small part of what there is to do at night in Can Tho, which gave me a solid perspective on how alive Can Tho is at night. Having the opportunity to spend time with Nguyễn made for a few great nights out and a life-long friend.nguye%cc%82%cc%83n

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